How to Put Your Business on Facebook? Reason for Verify Business Facebook

This is no secret. If you have a business now, you need to be exposure on Facebook. In many ways, if you are not on Facebook, you are invisible.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide and more than 200 million users in the US alone, this social network is unprecedented in its coverage, and its use as a marketing tool for business people like you is huge.

People are viewing Facebook by using their phones, tablets and computers. Whether at home or at work, they don’t just keep in touch with family and friends or watch interesting videos.

Your customers want more information about your business and its products and services on social networks. They want to see comments from other customers, or even communicate directly with you.

If you don’t join the conversation, you may lose money.

So you need a Facebook business page, which is different from a personal page. In order to keep your potential customers engaged enough so that they can start following you, your content will be displayed in their news feeds, so there are some basic best practices you should follow: post regularly and often, share useful photos and interesting information or videos, and post special offers. If a visitor comments or asks a question, please be sure to reply.

Through Facebook, we can easily use the platform for marketing because it is free.

But this is only the first step in using Facebook as an effective marketing tool for the business.

There is also a way to increase “legality” and increase trust between potential customers and customers so that they patronize your Facebook page and also take action like buying your products and services. That’s why I have to tell you how to verify on Facebook. This is not necessary, but it can really come in handy to grow your business.



Make Your Business “Legal” on Facebook

You may have seen verified pages before. For public figures, media companies, and “global brands” like Coca-Cola, it’s a blue checkmark next to the page name. Some “Internet celebrities” are also eligible for the blue checkmark.

For small and local businesses, this is a grey checkmark. Small businesses often cannot use blue check marks that are difficult to obtain. To be blue, you usually have to be very famous and already have a lot of fans. In these cases, Facebook will automatically expand the blue checkmark.

Be wary of anyone you find on the internet saying they can bring you a blue checkmark, because Facebook is very selective and they don’t just distribute them, so there is no “technique” to work with.

By verifying, customers will know that you are a real deal and they will be more confident to deal with you. It also helps if there are businesses with similar names to yours, or if someone has set up an unofficial fan page for your business. When you get verified, potential customers and customers will know that you are the actual business because it is official.

Another benefit is that verified to help you get a higher ranking in Facebook and Google search results. This means that people are more likely to find your business.

If you want to know how to verify it on Facebook is a painless process, this is an easy way to improve your credibility. There is no need to hire a consultant or other provider to do the job, and you can easily complete the whole process in a few minutes.


Verify Your Business Page

Some things you should consider first before you formally apply for a gray verified check mark. This is crucial for learning how to verify on Facebook:

  • You must be classified as a local business, company or organization
  • You must have a profile photo
  • You must have a cover photo

It also helps to have your pages “in order”, so to speak. Make sure it represents your business accurately. It should be professional and the content should match your brand. For example, there are no political posts or personal posts. Here’s a handy tip to see your Facebook through the eyes of potential customers, so that it looks professional.

Also, make sure that all listings on your page are up-to-date, including your website address, email address, description and resume. You should also fill out other sections on the page, such as address, phone number, mission statement, social media account, and company overview.

Here’s an important reminder: you can’t have a short page, and it must be complete and comprehensive. In any case, you must do this because it inspires trust in the customer.

After completing these steps, the page administrator who is logged in as an administrator can go to “Settings” in the upper right corner of the Facebook page. Then go to “General” and go to “Page Validation”, which will be set to “Page not verified.” Just click “Verify this page” and then click “Get Started.” It’s important to note that not all pages are eligible for verification. If your page doesn’t, you won’t see the appropriate options.

Then you will be asked to submit some information about your business:

  • A publicly-listed phone number for your business
  • Your country
  • Your language

If you don’t want to provide a phone number or don’t have a phone number, you can provide additional documentation to prove that your business is “real.” This could be a utility or phone bill, such as your company address, or a business license.

It’s important to know that Facebook only uses this information and documentation during the review process. They won’t appear on your Facebook page or be used for any other reason!

When you enter your phone number, you can click on “Call me now” and Facebook will send you a four-digit verification code, and you simply enter the code only.

If you are using a business document, click “Use document to verify this page.” You must upload a photo of the document to ensure that the full company name and address are clearly visible.

You should be verified a few days later after Facebook verifies your information through public records.

Note that if your company has multiple locations, you can get gray checkmarks for each location in the same process.



Instantly Verify Your Business on Facebook

If you have always wanted to know how to verify via Facebook, then you will be ready for now. This is a quick and easy process that brings many benefits to your business. So why not start right away?




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