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If you’re a writer looking for a paid blogging job, you’ll be able to find a list of 10 websites for blogger jobs.

Most blogging jobs pay per post are usually about 300 to 500 words, and there are some kind of regular posting schedule. The typical rate for each post is $5 to $50, depending on how involved each post has to be, and some jobs also have ad revenue sharing.

Be wary of work that is only based on revenue sharing, especially from very young websites. If the site is fairly large and has a source of income, then this is worth it.

Resource Type: Blog specific work board ($50 to post a job)

Significantly, has the best market for publishers and bloggers. Darren Rowse, a blogger on b5media’s problem experts and co-founder, has been teaching blogs how to make money for years. Not only does Darren show off how to get started with novice bloggers, but he also discusses advanced problem recording topics to help you hone your blog skills.

Because of this environment, the job board draws a knowledgeable audience of bloggers, represents great apps, and attracts the best job postings, representing the highest pay or most prestigious opportunities.


Freelance Writing Jobs

Resource Type: A blog of a freelance writer with a career leadership category

Where does it work? Click on the Writing Gigs link to get an open list of blog jobs. High-quality blogging work has been published here because they do not accept low-paying jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs is a blog designed to help writers find writing. Especially those who pay fair wages. Multiple posts daily, including job sightings and helpful articles about freelance writing.



Resource Type: Freelance specific job board (free to post a job)

Where does it work? Click the “Find Work” tab and search for the term “blogger”.

Elance is a large market for all types of freelancers. From data entry to web design, from programming to writing, Elance is a freelance global marketplace. Several blog assignments are posted every day.



Resource Type: Community of bloggers with a forum for blogging jobs (free to post a job)

Where does it work? In the “Blogger Jobs” forum. Click “Forum” in the main menu and scroll down to find the “Blogger Jobs” forum.

Performancing is a blog community for many bloggers. There will be approximately 5 new listings per week at the Job Forum. The Peformancing blog provides a lot of good advice for aspiring probloggers.


Authority Blogger Forums

Resource Type: Bloggers Forum (free to post a job)

Where does it work? They’re listed in the “Want, Need, Offer” forum.

Authority Blogger is a forum community created by problogging guru Chris Garrett. There is a helpful community of bloggers here helping each other write better blogs.


Poe War

Resource Type: Blog and resource site for freelance writers with a job board ($50 to post a job)

Where is the job? Click the “Jobs by Category” link in the main menu. Blogging jobs are usually listed in the “Online/Web” or “Freelance” category. A lot of related work will say “web content editor/writer” instead of “blogger”, so please read the instructions carefully.

Poe War is a very popular resource website and blogger for freelance writers. Check out the index of freelancing articles in the “Articles” section for thoughtful papers and tutorials.


Writers Weekly

Resource Type: Resource site for freelance writers with a weekly job listings roundup

Where does it work? They are linked from the main menu to “Markets“. This is a weekly post that includes all the newly available writing jobs.

Writer Weekly is a freelance writer’s old school website (published since 1997). Don’t let the 90s style design fool you. There is a lot of useful information here.



Resource Type: Online classified ads for a specific city ($25 to post a job in one city)

Where does it work? You can find writing jobs under the “Writing/Editing” category of the job listings. Unfortunately, you must first browse each city. Blogs are usually not locale-specific, so it’s worth checking out the list of all major cities.

Craigslist is still by far the biggest online classifieds site and a good source of freelance writing jobs. To save some of the exacerbation, you can just follow the freelance writing blogs like Freelance Writing Jobs because they often post the work listed on Craigslist.


Media Bistro

Resource Type: portal for media industry with a job board ($279 to post a job)

Where does it work? Click the “Jobs” link in the main menu to go to the job list. Search for “blog” in the search box on the left. You can also access the “Online/New Media” category for more interesting opportunities.

Media Bistro is an important gateway for anyone working in the content/creative industry. This includes online media, PR, writers, editors, producers, and more. This is where large media players (such as magazines, newspapers) post jobs.





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