1. Danette

    Thanks for this article. There are a lot of good ideas here. I do have a question about Amazon FBA. Is that the same as being an Amazon Affiliate and promoting Amazon products on your website, or does FBA mean setting up your own personalized storefront connected to Amazon? And would the products be things that are already sold on Amazon, or do you add your own unique products?

    • TEE TENG

      Hi Danette,

      I used to be a member of the Amazon affiliate, but because the products I choose in the Amazon have not make any researched, the sales volume has not improved and zero sales, so Amazon also turned off my affiliate account. For your question, I wanted to said is I have to do research on Amazon FBA to be able to sell my unique products through Amazon or Amazon FBA. And we also must have our own products in order for users to order your products from Amazon FBA. These are all planned step by step, and we must make a planning first before we can really act.

      Thank you for participating in this article.

  2. GVporras

    Thank you for sharing this great information on how to make money online.

    This really great tips and very well explain it, me as a beginner I been learning how to do drop shipping, since is not to much money involved I olso was thinking on Amazon fba but will take like 6 grants of investment to start. I wonder if you can referral me to a good drop shipping course?

    • TEE TENG


      Thank you for participating in this article. Glad you have the idea of drop shipping to start your online business. I know that you want to sell products through Amazon FBA and start with a $6 investment, which is a great start. Maybe I don’t have a good drop shipping course for you, but the advice I can give you is try to sell products in Amazon FBA and no matter what method you use, because the first try will bring you more experience and make you have a great success.

      If you still have any questions that you don’t understand, you can directly pm my WA profile, thank you.

  3. Sandra ehinomen

    Thank you so much for this article, Dropshipping is what I want to do, after studying and doing my research what is left for me is to have a website for it,, Ecommerce is a great deal too, Both are about selling out product, I will be doing both, but will start first with Dropshipping, thanks for this information. 

    • TEE TENG

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for comment in this article. Drop shipping is a great way to make money online, as long as you use the right method to create your own e-commerce website, you can start selling your own unique products. Hope this information can help you and make your online business pass smoothly.

      Wish you Good Luck!

  4. Daniel Gonzales

    Hello Tee Teng,

    I appreciate you taking the time to organize these amazing tips for making money online. I am learning about dropshipping myself and I am very fascinated to learn about all of the opportunities available locally in addition to suppliers from china. I will continue to look into it and like that you touched on an already established expert that can help me even more.

    I have also looked into Amazon FBA and have not gotten started yet. I have started to sell thrifted items on ebay as well as items that I have around the house. I plan to use some of the funds from this source to fund the dropshipping. Thanks for the direction on the digital products as well. I have been thinking of starting a course, but not sure exactly how to get started. I’ve got ideas but need more direction on how to produce and outline a course for filming.

    Coaching seems like it could be a very valuable and worthwhile experience. I’ve heard alot of great things about it. I was wondering if you knew of any great places to start and learn how to launch a consulting business? I’ve seen a lot of ads but I’ve been skeptical of jumping into one without doing more research. It’s hard to know exactly who to trust. I appreciate you putting together this list as it has been very informative. 

    • TEE TENG

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your compliment to this article, this is the duty I should do. For the Amazon FBA you mentioned, my suggestion is that you can start to try drop shipping first, and then create your own e-commerce website through the shopify web platform, because Amazon FBA must have a sum of money to start, but drop shipping only it takes a little money to start your online business. For the online business of Coaching, you must have that expertise and skills to develop in this area. Consulting Business is not a simple field, it is also have to do some research and planning first, but you can start with drop shipping, because this is what every beginner has to experience. I might write an article on consulting business, please look forward to it!

      Thank you again for participating in this comment.

      If you still have any questions that you don’t understand, you can directly pm my WA profile, thank you.

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